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School Resource Officer

Deputy T.R Norman


Deputy T.R Norman


Phone: 704-260-6190



Degrees and Certifications:


Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate
D.AR.E Instructor Certificate
S.R.O Certificate


Hello, I'm Deputy T.R Norman the school resource officer here at Hickory Ridge Elementary School. My primary duties here are to protect the school environment and help maintain an atmosphere where teachers feel safe to teach and students feel safe to learn. Other duties I have are to present the D.A.R.E program to the 5th grade students. Not a duty but something I feel is important is the building of positive relationships with all of our students, so I take full advantage of any time I get to visit other grade levels. Also, this year we started a Flag Team with the help of some great 5th graders. The flag team is learning how to properly raise and lower the U.S and North Carolina flag as well as the proper folding of these flags. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.



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