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What is a School Counselor?


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What is a School Counselor?

A school counselor is an educator who advocates for students and helps them succeed to the best of their abilities during their time here at school. School Counselors also work closely with parents, administration, and teachers to provide individualized support for students and help identify their academic, social and emotional needs. Mrs. B and Ms. Ebert will provide various services to ensure that each student is successful in each of the following 3 areas: Social-Emotional, Academic, and Career.

These services will include:

Classroom Guidance

Student Small Groups

Individual Counseling

Planned school-wide activities


When a student comes to see the counselor, they will talk and do activities together. Talking about thoughts, feelings, or even actions can help students better understand themselves and any situation they are going through. Sometimes a student may feel scared or nervous to talk about things and that is OK! School Counselors are here to support every student & work together with them and their families to address any obstacle they may face.

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