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Update: New Items Added to Our Lost and Found Gallery!

Posted Date: 4/24/24 (12:15 PM)

As part of our commitment to help lost items find their way back to their owners, we've updated our Lost and Found photo gallery with new items that have been turned in over the past several weeks.

Please take a moment to check if any of these belong to your child:

1. Review the images: We've added fresh photos of items currently in our lost and found collection. Each item is numbered for easy identification.
2. Identify your child’s item: If you spot something familiar that belongs to your child, please take note of the item's number.
3. Contact us: Get in touch with our front office at (704) 260-5950 or email Mary Glennon at Don't forget to mention the number associated with the item you recognize.
4. Reunion process: Once we hear from you, we will ensure the item is returned to its rightful owner.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support in maintaining an organized and efficient lost and found system. Together, we can ensure that no item goes unclaimed for long!